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Jan 2, 2024

Liza Moore is a former lawyer, a midlife mom, a wife, a resident of Bexley, Ohio.

After the challenge of her divorce, Liza experienced the unimaginable loss of her oldest daughter, Jadyn. To say that she’s gone through hell and back is an understatement.

Liza had been coming to see Kit for healing sessions over several years, for a variety of conditions. But it wasn’t until Liza listened to one podcast that Kit sent to her that her life took a completely different turn and really began to heal.

Liza's sessions with Kit began to take shape in a new way after that!

She is currently on an incredible journey of self discovery through deep meditations and mindset shifts.

Listen to Liza’s inspiring journey of loss & hope, of finding her way to living her truth in her Second Spring chapter.

For a full transcript of this episode, please go to Second Spring Chronicle


Some resources mentioned in the podcast:

Feel Better Live More Podcast Episode with Dr. Joe:

Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Michael Singer’s books:

Work with Kit: