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Jan 9, 2024

AJ is a self-taught painter specializing in abstract pointillism. She’s a mother to 3 daughters, a Pacific Northwest native, and a Bexley resident for over a decade.

Growing up in a warm and loving family with a brother and her parents, AJ looks back to her childhood with fondness. As she got older, and family dynamics got complicated, including her parents’ divorce, addictions and more, AJ had to find ways to keep herself grounded.

In recent years, she lost her parents to health conditions that may have been due to genetics, but also preventable with lifestyle adjustments. She is hoping to rewrite her story and decided to make bold changes to take care of her future physical, mental and spiritual health today.

A brilliant artist, a loving mother, partner, and friend, AJ embraces life in the middle with so much grace and intention. Please enjoy our conversation here and check out her work via the links below.


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