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Jul 1, 2020

“I want to believe that silence is violence.” — Rokki Bonner

In the 2nd interlude episode, Kit is joined with Rokki Bonner, a founder of Fit to Navigate, a social enterprise that provides wellness education, to cultivate wellbeing for women in and out of the prison system while creating a path to entrepreneurship and sustainability. Rokki is also a host of Mind-Body Gem conversational podcast and Kit’s personal trainer!

Kit and Rokki discuss the double pandemic time we are in, particularly about social injustice, racism, and what you should do to fight against it. Tune in and find out Rokki’s experience with racism on the Ohio State University, what are the fundamentals of anti-racism, what is an ideal ally, what are the challenges of being an Afro-American in the wellness industry, and much more!