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Jan 16, 2024

Dr. Nicole O’Brien is a critical care physician at Nationwide Children’s hospital in Columbus, Ohio. She’s also an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine for the Ohio State University College of Medicine. 

In 2015, Nicole received the Fulbright Africa Regional Research Program award to work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She’s also received several NIH grants for research related to neurologic diseases in remote regions of Africa.

Along with her husband Will O’Brien, Nicole founded Restore Elikia, a nonprofit organization that works to provide sustainable orphan care and community development in a remote region of the Congo. 

Nicole is a mom of four children. She travels back and forth between Ohio and Africa. When stateside, she and her family call Bexley home. 

Several years ago, Nicole and Will faced the unimaginable loss of their adopted children from the Congo. That experience both traumatized them (including losing the ability to speak for Nicole), and guided them to living the purpose they have shared all along. 

Listen to their fascinating story of grit and determination, and how Nicole overcame her limitations despite all the challenges. At the end of the conversation, Nicole shares how she’s choosing to live fully and what she thinks we need to do to optimize our second chapter.  

For a full transcript of this episode, please go to Second Spring Chronicle

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