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Apr 1, 2024

Welcome to Season 2 of Second Spring Podcast!

Kit is happy to be back and sharing a whole new season with you. She gives you an update of what she’s been up to, including how she’s ending her Acupuncture Sabbatical and starting to offer in person acupuncture (and more) sessions again. You will also hear about the plan for this Season which has a theme of wellness for midlife women. Kit goes over what “wellness” actually means and how we will explore it with this season’s guests along with her own take on it. 

In addition, get a short summary of each of Season 1 episodes so that you can go listen to the ones (or all) that seem interesting to you.

Tune into this short and sweet episode and come back each Tuesday for new conversations with wellness practitioners who will help you take care of your second spring chapter!

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