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Apr 2, 2024

S1EP2 Marcia Miller


Our guest today is known in and around Columbus as the mother of yoga, meditation, reiki, UZIT, and more. Marcia Miller co-founded Yoga On High, a thriving yoga studio that served the Columbus community for decades. 


In this episodes, you get to hear Marcia’s story of how she found Yoga (or did it find her?) to how it’s guided her to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. 


Marcia and Kit covered different areas of wellness from the importance of the pause, to listening to our “interoceptive awareness” to what we can do to take care of our loved ones by first taking care of ourselves. 


You will have to listen to what Marcia felt during her recent COVID recovery - it is very cool!


Also, at the end, Marcia offered one last piece of advice which may surprise you.


Tune in, enjoy and share this lively and lovely conversation that will sure to spark your interest in yoga, meditation, reiki and more. 


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